IPE Outcomes

All students beginning at Clarkson College in Fall 2018 or later are required to complete the IPE 301 course in order to graduate. At the top we see descriptive statistics that showcase the outstanding level of involvement by students and the Clarkson community. Next, you'll see highlights of course data that has been collected to date. Each student completes four online modules with quizzes and three IPE activities - one each in the areas of Knowledge, Community, and Service. Quantitative outcomes were measured through a pre-, mid-, and post-test using the Interprofessional Collaborative Competency Attainment Scale (Revised) Survey (ICCAS). Qualitative themes were identified through student reflections submitted after completing IPE activities.

IPE Participation Overview

Academic Years: 20 18-19 through 2022-23


Enrolled Students in IPE 301 course


IPE Reflections Submitted


Online Proposal Submissions


Activities Offered by Clarkson College


Different IPE Activities students engaged in

99.6% of students &  92.8% of employees completed the required online IPE modules

Compared to the time before the learning activities, would you say your ability to collaborate interprofessionally is…



After completing your three IPE experiences and reflections, would you say your ability to collaborate interprofessionally is…

N= 896

IPE Student Reflections

Question One

What was your reaction to this experience? What did you enjoy? What might you have changed if you could repeat it?

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Question Two

For two or more of the competencies below, provide examples of knowledge, skills, or attitudes that you gained from the IPE experience.

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Question Three

Which of the above knowledge, skills, or attitudes have you applied or plan to implement in your current work or school situations, future professional career, or the community at large because of this IPE experience?

How has (or will) this IPE experience improve delivery of service for your customers/students/client(s)?


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