Preparing for College

Smart financial planning can put families in a much better position to support a student's pursuit of a college education. These financial planning resources may be helpful as you start thinking about an education in the future. 

Road Map to College

Create your own personalized "I'm Going" road map to college. This interactive tool, developed with student input and participation, allows students to create a personalized step-by-step plan to get to college. Begin planning for your education today!  

Get Financially Fit

A committee of leading experts in financial education has developed the following financial education brochures for students and their families. The brochures are designed to help students take charge of their financial future with a Warm-Up, a Work-Out and Weigh-In with topics such as spending, using credit, saving money and avoiding identity theft. The brochures also provide students with links to helpful websites that will enhance their overall financial fitness plan.