Academic Integrity Committee

The Academic Integrity Committee‘s purpose is to serve as an appellate board for all matters relating to academic integrity violations. Members of the Academic Integrity Committee will be held to the strictest guidelines of confidentiality in all matters pertaining to faculty and students and will consist of the following:


Committee co-chairs and non-voting members include: the Vice President of Academic Affairs (VPAA) and the Vice President of Operations (VPO) The co-chairs will de-identify the dispute to maintain confidentiality. The co-chairs convene a total of five (5) members of administration, faculty and students that are deemed to not have any conflicts of interest with regards to any part of the dispute.

The Academic Integrity Committee’s decision is final. There is no appeal to this process.

The student’s program director, instructor and/or dean will be notified of the decision of the Academic Integrity Committee by the chair within five (5) business days of the decision. The chair of the committee will notify the student of the decision of the committee by certified letter.