Message from the President

Hello and welcome.

I am delighted you have chosen Clarkson College to prepare you to be the best in health care. Since 1888, Clarkson College has upheld a reputation of excellence, a distinction we can attribute to our dedicated staff, expert faculty and highly driven students. Our commitment to your success is reflective in our philosophy of placing educational quality on the forefront while also maintaining responsible control of expenses. This combination of quality and efficiency equates to value at a private college that is as beneficial as it is affordable.

Whether attending classes on campus or completing your degree online, you will receive the support services and academic assistance necessary to reach your full learning potential. We make every effort to educate you with a constructive combination of theory coursework and hands-on experiences so you can exit your program of study with the skills and knowledge necessary to successfully transition into your professional role.

Thank you for trusting Clarkson College to prepare you for your chosen profession. We look forward to fostering your development from new student to accomplished graduate. Upon completion of your program, we are confident you will have the knowledge and abilities to lead a successful and rewarding career in any health care setting.

Dr. Louis W. Burgher
Louis W. Burgher, M.D., Ph.D.


Message from the Vice Presidents

Welcome to Clarkson College.

Before long, you will become familiar with our dedication to the College Mission of preparing students to professionally provide high quality, ethical and compassionate health care services. We are able to successfully carry out this responsibility by instilling our Values of Learning, Caring, Commitment, Integrity and Excellence into our everyday practice and by taking pride in putting our students first.

From a student services perspective, we support the College Mission by keeping you informed of the resources we offer to facilitate the progress of your education. Representatives from the Registrar, Admissions, Student Financial Services, Health and Safety and IT departments welcome your questions and concerns and will utilize every resource to meet your requests.

In order to foster a sense of trust, responsibility and professionalism among students and between students and faculty/administration, Clarkson College institutes a Student Code of Conduct. Our fundamental goals are to promote ethical behavior, ensure the integrity of the College and instill a sense of responsibility in students to maintain their honor of the health care field.

To effectively exercise fair and equal treatment at Clarkson College, we also comply with a Student Grievance Policy that allows you the right to file a complaint regarding a specific decision or action that in some way affects your academic record or status. Examples of such cases include violation or unequal enforcement of published policies/procedures by faculty, staff or administration.

On behalf of faculty, staff and administration, we wish you the best in your academic endeavors and encourage you to share your experiences and feedback with us throughout the course of your education at Clarkson College.

Dr. Jody Woodworth
Dr. Jody Woodworth
Vice President of Academic Affairs

Tony Damewood
Tony Damewood
Vice President of Operations