Registration Information

Registration for Currently Enrolled Returning Students

All students, before registering for courses, are required to meet with their advisor, who will help them select courses for the future term and authorize their registration. Students enrolled in the current semester are then eligible to register through Self-Service, the Clarkson College web-based registration system.

Students who have applied and been accepted to a new program are eligible to register on or after the date for new students.

Undergraduate Advisors
Program Returning Students
PN · BSN · LPN to BSN (A-L) · Grace Co-op Rachel Thompson
PH 402.552.3569
PN · BSN (M-Z) Erin Jordan
PH 402.552.2794
RN to BSN · RN to MSN Joe Council
PH 402.552.6159
RT · RT/MI Shelli Weddum
PH 402.552.6204
RT · RT/MI · MI · MI/Imaging Informatics Ellen Collins
PH 402.552.6140
Physical Therapist Assistant Dr. Andreia Nebel
PH 402.552.6178
HIM · HIT · HIA · IT/Informatics Carla Dirkschneider
PH 402.552.6295
Health Care Business Siti Arshad-Snyder
PH 402.552.3326
Health Care Services Lori Bachle
PH 402.552.6127
Non-degree Alina Cheffer
PH 402.552.6162


Graduate Advisors
Program  Returning Students
Health Care Administration · MSN-HCA Carla Dirkschneider  
PH 402.552.6295
Nursing Health Care Leadership Carla Dirkschneider  
PH 402.552.6295
Nurse Anesthesia Jayne Cromer
PH 402.884.9832
Nursing Education Dr. Nina Wardell  
PH 402.552.6141
Adult, Family & Adult– Gerontology
Primary Care Nurse Practitioner
(as assigned)
Anne Darga
Adult, Family & Adult–Gerontology
Primary Care Nurse Practitioner
(as assigned)
Cathy Messinger
Adult, Family & Adult–Gerontology
Primary Care Nurse Practitioner
(as assigned)
Kris Smith
Family Nurse Practitioner Certificate Kris Smith
Doctor in Health Care Education & Leadership Dr. Aubray Orduña

New Student Registration

Before enrolling in courses at Clarkson College, individuals must be accepted through the completion of the application process. For more information, please refer to the Admissions office online or call 402.552.3041. Once all admission requirements have been met, accepted students must call to schedule an appointment for advising and registration.

Registration Stops

Students will not be allowed to register until all stops* have been cleared. Stops may include but are not limited to:

Stop Contact
Business Office Stop Student Financial Services
PH 402.552.2749
Financial Aid Stop Student Financial Services   
PH 402.552.3426
Parking Stop UNMC Parking Office  
PH 402.559.8580

*An “Info Release” or “Conditionally Accepted” stop will not stop the student from registering.

Registration Assistance

Registrar’s Office
Clarkson College
101 S. 42 Street
Omaha, NE 68131-2739
PH 402.552.3033  TF 800.647.5500  FX 402.552.6057