Summer 2015


Marcia Fitzgerald Weeks (’65)
I was the only student from California in our class, and all of the mothers took care of me when I went for weekend visits. I returned to California, met a Navy boy and we adopted a child. I just finished my nursing career, which was mostly ER, ICU, Management and Education. My official retirement date was May 1, 2015—almost 50 years (to the day!) after graduation.    My last day of work was in October 2014, and I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer three days later. I finished my chemo in February 2015 with full remission thanks   to my faith and the support of my family and friends.
Paul and I have been able to travel a lot, and we have seven acres in Northern California near the ocean (with a cottage garden room for any of my classmates that want to visit). We have 7-year-old twin granddaughters that we enjoy so much.    I am recovering well and would love to hear from my classmates.

Jane Zimmerman Stier (’69)
Jane retired from The Nebraska Medical Center in July 2013 after 44 years of working there. She is married and has two children and four grandsons. She is busy with family, golf and volunteering with her church. Jane currently sits on the Board  of Directors for Clarkson College.


Shawn Sharman Shields (’76)
My husband and I will be moving to Bellevue, Neb. to be closer to family. We already bought a house there! I will continue to work and look forward to being closer to the alumni activities next year.

Deb Whitman (’77)
Deb is a staff nurse in the Neuroscience Intensive Care Unit at Nebraska Medicine (formerly The Nebraska Medical Center) in Omaha, Neb. She was honored during Nurses’ Week by receiving the Spirit of Nursing Award. Each year, one nurse is selected from all of the registered and licensed practical nurses on staff. Nominees are judged on how they met criteria surrounding the provision of exemplary and holistic patient care; being a leader in promoting and improving the quality of care; contributing to a positive work environment and fostering a learning environment for students and peers. As a recipient of this award, Deb will receive financial support to attend a professional nursing conference of her choice.

In Memoriam

Agnes O. (Mickey) Mikulecky Grabow (’47)
Died April 22, 2015.  

Kathryn (Kate) A. Arris Higgins (‘54)
Died on Mother’s Day, May 10, 2015, at her home in Omaha, Neb.

Regina Marie Dixon (‘08)
Died June 7, 2015 in a car accident in California.