Summer 2017


Irene Gustafson Studenberg (’55)
Ours was the last class living in the dorm at 520 South 26th Street. We were students and friends for a lifetime.


Marcia Fitzgerald Weeks (’65)
Many of our '65 classmates are enjoying their 50th wedding anniversaries, and Paul and I joined them this year. I wanted to share a smile with a picture from our wedding day and a picture taken during our 50th celebration road trip.

We decided on a road trip to Willamette Valley in Oregon. It was so beautiful and refreshing. We were blessed to be able to go. I have tons of info and pictures to share if you ever want to visit Willamette Valley, and you may stay in our outside garden room in Mendocino, Calif. along the way!

I'm also celebrating three years postdiagnosis of ovarian cancer. You know, this "R" is just as good as it gets.

Karen Teply Sander (’66)
I'm enjoying my retirement. We have done both national and international travels.


Shawn Shields (’76)
I have been back in the Omaha area for the last year and enjoy being closer to my family. I love driving by the College and knowing what a wonderful institution it is!


Donna Garbacz Bader (’93)
I volunteer three days per week at the Lincoln Police Department taking fingerprints and entering FBI and local arrest data. I am certified in forensic nursing, and I am a member of the American Board of Death Investigators.


Jeaniffr Snide (’13)
I received my M.S.N. from Clarkson College in 2013. After working for 21 years at Nebraska Medicine, I ventured into a new role as Chief Nursing Officer at Crete Area Medical Center (CAMC). This role has allowed me the opportunity to be a part of a senior leadership team that drives change toward improved outcomes for patients and staff. Our team of nurses, physicians and support staff are focused on meeting the health and wellness needs of the Crete community through the patient-centered medical home model of care. I find this work to be very rewarding, and I could not have reached this level of service to an organization without the support of my family, the leadership skills developed throughout my career and the education I received at the College.