Winter 2016


Florence Mortensen Cline (’44)
My husband Gene and I observed our 94th and 93rd birthdays this year and our 73rd anniversary October 10. Yes, we eloped and kept it a secret while I was in training and he was in the Navy.


Jane Hoesly Conley (’65)
I have three children and six grandchildren. I retired six years ago as a surgical nurse. My hobbies include horses, gardening, kayaking, biking and low tech-iPad and trak phone.

Ruth Briggs Siefert (’66)
I wonder why the class of 1966 is so silent. I would love to hear from and about them. My daughter and I “did” NYC this past fall. We had a great time seeing plays and visiting museums.

Janey Hogg Walch (’66)
I’m retired and living in the Southwest. I enjoy watercolor painting, time with family and friends, a good game of Mah Jong and traveling in and out of the U.S.A.


Nikie Hooker Herrera (’70)
Retired October 2014 from Methodist Hospital where I worked for 21 years with Surgery West and then the Head & Neck Surgical Oncology department at Methodist Estabrook Cancer Center. Great experience. Clarkson School of Nursing prepared students well as we had great instructors. I am blessed with four grandchildren and spending more time with them. Two are in Denver and two are in Omaha.

Diana L. Denker (’74)
Retired. I have two sons, Casey, 28, and Conor, 24. I served on the Board for Arvada Citizen Police Academy alumni, and I’m currently a member of Arvada Police Search Team.

Adele Kieffer (’75)
I feel very privileged to have attended Clarkson School of Nursing from 1972-75. It gave me a solid foundation for my military career and two nursing specialties in MS and Enterostomal Therapy. Thanks Clarkson School of Nursing.

Susan Bristol (’78)
Retired from Methodist Women’s Hospital NICU in May. Working on my writing and first novel with the help of two wonderful writers’ critique and one generative group. Dennis and I celebrated our 41st anniversary in June. He continues to work at ConAgra. Our three sons live in Omaha, Neb., Chicago and Salem, Oregon, so I plan to spend my retirement visiting them (Dennis will join me when he can) as long as my body holds out.


Carol Engquist (’83)
Retired in 2008 from VA. Started in 2010 as full time nursing instructor and retired from there in 2014. Currently working as adjunct nursing instructor at Ivy Tech Community College in Fort Wayne, Ind.

Norma Hintz (’87, ‘88)
I have done quite a bit of traveling this past year. An educational trip to Washington, D.C. with 45 8th graders, including two grandchildren and my youngest daughter; then a trip to the Grand Tetons, Yellowstone and Montana with my oldest daughter and two grandsons; and I just got back from a really great trip to Ireland! Everyone said I should retire and travel, and I certainly have—but I still miss Clarkson Hospital and all the good people I worked with over the years! Retirement has been
good but I never dreamt that I would be so busy.


Jennifer Flores Admire (’07)
During my time at Clarkson College, I learned a lot about community service and how to support a cause you believe in. In October, I decided to instill these values by running in the Lincoln Free to Breathe 5K Run/Walk for lung cancer awareness and research. This is a cause that is very near and dear to my heart. My mother passed away from the disease in 2012. I’m glad I was able to run in her honor and raise awareness for a disease that affected 1,120 Nebraskans last year.


Jessica Thornton (’13)
I live in a small town in Iowa and work at a critical access hospital. At 1 a.m. Nov. 10, I awoke to my husband, Caleb, gurgling and shaking. He was unresponsive, appearing to be having a seizure, and there was no pulse. I immediately called 911 and began CPR until the local volunteer EMS arrived. At that time, I ran the code, and my husband was in V-tach (cardiac arrest). We delivered one shock, and he came back into NSR. I continued with the CPR process until he was loaded up and brought to the hospital where I work. From there, he was airlifted to Nebraska Medicine, where we stayed through November. He also received a new defibrillator device. You can read his full story at

I am so proud and thankful of my nursing education. Through this, I have started pursuing obtaining AED’s in all of the local police cars because there aren’t any available in our town. I’ve also began offering CPR classes to help prepare others when faced with similar life-threatening situations.

Taylor Niemann (’15)
I’ve just begun an MRI externship at Advanced Medical Imaging in Lincoln, Neb. I’ve already been offered a PRN position in x-ray, and a 24-32 hr/wk position in MRI. My manager also wants to cross-train me in CT as soon as I’m MRI certified. I feel like I’ve been offered my dream job. I love it and hope to spend my career here. I’m very excited about this opportunity, and I’m very proud that my Clarkson College education and hard work ethic gained from many clinical hours got me to where I am today!