Winter 2017


Cynthia Privitera (‘01)
Since graduation, I’ve commuted nearly 300 miles every Friday and Sunday night to Duckwater Shoshone Tribe. I have taught almost every course—a UNLV BSN, Apollo AND, ITT/Breckinridge AND, and NCI LPN programs; Private Practice Endocrinology; Republic Service Employee Clinic; set up and managed Westcare LNHCL with 2 other NPs and DON; adjunct and preceptor to PA students from Taro University; and Evolution Health Mobile Integrated NP.

I was widowed Nov. 3, 2003 and remarried Dec. 23, 2005. My daughter teaches special education, is working on her Master’s degree in English as a second language and has two daughters and two sons. My son is a Director of Radiology and many other departments at Centennial Hills Hospital. He just completed his Master’s. My son lives in Seattle with one daughter. I have a total of six grandchildren, three girls and three boys.

In Memoriam

Martha Loft Tallman (‘38)
Died Feb. 9, 2015 at the age of 97.

Her daughter Eileen Ellis wrote, "She was among the six students that had most of her training at the Covenant Hospital in Omaha. The Covenant closed down just before the students had completed their training and six of the 18 transferred to Clarkson [School of Nursing] for the last couple of classes. This was very generous of the school to accept the students and allowing them to graduate from Clarkson School of Nursing."

Rosella Mae "Sally" Frohn (‘14)
Died Oct. 29, 2015. She lived in Lincoln, Neb.