Administration & Management

Degree Awarded:
Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Business with a major in Management

Length of Program:
3-5 semesters

Application Deadlines:
Rolling Admissions
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Degree Overview

The Clarkson College Bachelor of Science degree in Healthcare Business with a major in Management program option offers a transfer option for prospective students who have earned an associate’s degree from an accredited institution. This option, commonly known as the 2+2 program, allows students to transfer in a maximum of 80 credit hours, making it possible to complete your Bachelor’s degree in one year.

The Healthcare Business with a major in Management 2+2 option is ideal for individuals who have a background or interest in business, management, leadership or other related field and are seeking career opportunities, specifically in the health care setting. The program coursework and capstone experience will aid in the development of the technical, leadership and critical thinking skills that are essential to effectively and professionally manage a team.

Today's health care business professionals must not only master business theory, but also understand how to apply it in the operation of health care organizations. While earning a Bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Business with a major in Management at Clarkson College, your coursework will familiarize you with subject matters in leadership and ethics, human resources, finance and economics— all tailored specifically to address the unique challenges of the health care field. Other major courses include medical terminology, revenue cycle management, management, informatics and public health.

The program is offered entirely online with part-time and full-time options available. This flexibility allows students to form a concentration and/or minor in areas such as health care informatics, public health or medical coding.

How we prepare
the best

  • Ability to transfer in up to 80 credit hours from an accredited institution.
  • Curriculum examines business theory, concepts, and practices through a health care lens.
  • Coursework available 100 percent online with part- and full-time study options.
  • Students learn from experienced faculty with backgrounds in various health care disciplines and practices.
  • Over a 93% employment rate for the program.
  • Students are prepared to pursue a Master’s degree in Healthcare Administration.

Required Courses for Bachelor's Degree in Healthcare Business Management - Transfer Option

General Education Courses

(21 semester hours) IC, HU, EA courses and electives are offered in the 7.5-week or 6-week format or full-semester format (15 or 12 weeks in duration) depending on the course.

Courses Semester Hours
EN 101 - English Composition I 3
EN 102 - English Composition II 3
IC HU EA - Healthcare Core Courses 3
IC HU EA - Healthcare Core Courses 3
IC HU EA - Healthcare Core Courses 3
MA 130 - College Algebra 3
ST 310 - Statistics 3
IPE 301 - Interprofessional Education 0
Electives 50
Total Semester Hours 71
Support Courses

(5 semester hours) All courses are 7.5 weeks or 6 weeks in duration.

Courses Semester Hours
BU 110 - Microsoft Office Applications 4
GEN 105 - Medical Terminology 1
Total Semester Hours 5
Business Major Courses

(44 semester hours) All courses are 7.5 weeks or 6 weeks in duration besides BU499, which is only offered in a full-semester format (15 or 12 weeks in duration).

Courses Semester Hours
BU 140 - Healthcare Delivery Systems 2
BU 262 - Business Communication and Marketing 3
BU 307 - Principles of Management and Change Leadership 3
BU 318 - Human Resources and Organizational Behavior 3
BU 335 - Managing Healthcare Departments 3
BU 357 - Healthcare Accounting and Financial Management 4
BU 375 - Concepts of Leadership 2
BU 411 - Operations and Quality Management 3
BU 425 - Project Management 3
BU 450 - Strategic Management 3
◊ BU 499 - Capstone 3
HM 215 - Data Management 3
HM 240 - Introduction to Informatics 3
HM 360 - Compliance and Legal Applications 3
HM 333 - Classification Systems and Reimbursement Methodologies 3
Total Semester Hours 44

Tuition and Fees

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Undergraduate Tuition

Cost per Credit Hour

Cost per Semester
$7,759 - Full-time (12 hrs)
$3,879 - Part-time (6 hrs)

Undergraduate Tuition$632 / credit-hour
Fees - Included in cost per semester
Application Fee for first time students $25/ each
Enrollment Fee for first time students $150/ each
Degree Specific Fees - Not included in cost per semester
Interprofessional education – IPE Course Fee IPE 301 $124/ student

Career Overview

Median Salary

$65,736, 2020

Job Outlook

The health care administration field is projected to grow 18 percent from 2018 to 2028, much faster than the average for all occupations.
Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2019

This page includes information from O*NET OnLine by the U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration (USDOL/ETA). Used under the CC BY 4.0 license.