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Dr. Burgher

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Louis Burgher, M.D., Ph.D., Clarkson College President, 2007-2016

This video is a tribute to Clarkson College President Dr. Louis Burgher for his many years of unwavering service and dedication to the College. As Dr. Burgher transitions into his new role as President Emeritus, many can look back upon and be thankful for the unprecedented growth his leadership has fostered for the institution. A few of the many proud accomplishments the College achieved during his nearly ten-year presidency include implementing an annual strategic planning strategy, being select for numerous national recognitions on the basis of educational quality and affordability, expanding our academic program offerings, and installing two high-fidelity simulation labs on campus. Undoubtedly, his impact and the many lives he has touched have enriched the Clarkson College legacy and paved a path for continued success.