Expectations of the Students

Be on time for the tutoring session

  • Notify your tutor if you are going to be late or if there is an emergency and you are not able to attend your tutoring session
  • Schedule next tutoring session (if needed) with tutor

Come to each session prepared for tutoring

  • Be an active participant during the tutoring session
  • Bring all relevant course materials - textbook, notes, assignments, etc.
  • Complete assigned reading(s) before the tutoring session
  • Prepare a list of questions from the area(s) you are having problems

Come to each session on your own, without family and/or friends (so tutoring time remains course-focused on your needs)

Understand that tutors are not instructors and may not know all the answers to every question all the time; understand too that tutors will not do your work for you

Minimize interruptions (includes no texting or phone calls and no talking with others around you unless it is an emergency)

Maintain professional discourse throughout the tutoring session