Clarkson College offers free tutoring services in a variety of subjects to all enrolled students. Sessions are led by other Clarkson College students and affiliates who have demonstrated exceptional aptitude in their academics and interpersonal skills.

Current Tutoring Session Schedule

Tutors are available throughout the current semester to assist with the courses listed below. All on-campus tutoring sessions are held in the Success Center, located on the upper level of the Student Center.

Fall Semester: Sept. 4 – Dec. 7

Radiography Tutoring available by appointment only


Abnormal Assessment, Algebra, Anatomy, Behavioral Health, Chemistry, College Algebra, Concepts, Complex Care, Cultr History, Devel Cultr Comp., EBI, Ethics, Foundational Skills, Gerontology, Human Development, Managing Nurse Care, Medical Terminology, Microbiology, OB/Peds, Patho, Pharm I & II, Physiology, Pop Health I & II, III & IV, Psychology, Stats


Abnormal Assessment, Behavior Health, Cult Hist, Death & Dying, Devel Cult. Comp, EBI, Found Skills, Intro to Concepts, Managing Nrs Care, Pharm I & II, Pop Hlth I, II & III, OB/Peds

Anatomy, Chemistry, Cultr Hist, Death & Dying, Devel Cultr Comp, Medical Terminology, Microbiology, Physiology, Statistics

PTA COURSES: Basic Skills, Documentation, Funct Anatomy, Intro to PTA, Modalities I & II, Patho, Thera Ex I & II

If these dates and timeframes do not work into your schedule, contact the Kitty Cappellano to make a different appointment. Tutors are available for alternate in-person and online tutoring sessions on a limited basis.

About Our Tutoring Sessions

  • Students must arrive to their tutoring session prepared, regardless if they are walking-in or have a scheduled one-on-one session. Students who are unprepared may be asked to reschedule their appointment.
  • Students must read all tutoring and homework materials prior to the scheduled tutoring session.
  • All study guides and homework must be completed before the tutoring session begins.
  • Tutors have the right to reschedule sessions if a student arrives unprepared.
  • Tutoring sessions are one hour in duration.