Off-Site Test Proctor Request Form

Directions for students:

  1. Please complete your information in the student information section. It is your responsibility to secure the off-site proctor information by contacting them to also verify their availability.
  2. Notify your instructors of your intent to use an off-site proctor for their course exams, as applicable. Note: LockDown Browser may not be used when with an off-site proctor, and ATI exams may not be taken with an off-site proctor.
  3. Please submit one completed form, per requested proctor, the beginning of each semester. Contact the Testing Center at 402-552-3034 if questions.
  4. Students are responsible for any costs charged by an off-site proctoring location. Clarkson College has no jurisdiction over off-site proctoring charges and are not responsible for charges the student may incur. Please check with the off-site test proctoring site to see if any charges apply.

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Need help or have questions?

Please contact the Clarkson College Testing Center
PH 402.552.3034
TF 1.800.647.5500