Students living outside the Omaha vicinity or those who would like to designate a different proctor must complete the online Off-Site Test Proctor Request form. This form must be submitted to the Testing Center by the end of the first week of classes. If you decide to make a change of proctor during the semester, submit the completed form allowing enough time for the information to be processed before your next exam date.

Note: ATI exams may not be taken under the supervision of an off-site proctor. ATI exams must be taken in Omaha at the Testing Center, or per your instructors guidance.

To meet the proctor requirements, the following qualifications are needed:

  • The proctor must be an educator, librarian, administrator, staff member at a higher education testing center or other academic professional.
  • The proctor may not be an immediate supervisor, friend, co-worker or relative.
  • The proctor must have access to the Internet and his/her equipment must meet the requirements outlined in the Student Success Guide.
  • The proctor may not be a Clarkson College student.
  • The proctor must provide a secure professional email address such as a business, library or testing center email address (not a personal email address).
  • The proctor must administer the test using a computer in a secure professional environment such as a business, library or testing center (not a computer at a personal residence).

Additional acceptable proctors may be found at NCTA Consortium of College Testing Centers.