Diversity Council

Diversity describes the various ways in which we differ from one another—including unconscious differences like values, beliefs, tolerance, levels of patience, perceptions, stereotypes, world perspectives and life experiences. These unconscious differences impact and influence how we accept one another in more obvious categories, such as age, color, disability, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation and religious beliefs.

Diversity Council Mission

The Diversity Council will lead Clarkson College in developing sensitive community support and awareness of diverse individual value systems. This will be accomplished by creating a learning environment that enhances the human potential of all community members as they carry out the values of the organization.


Dr. Ricardo Varguez, Ph.D.
Director of Center for Teaching Excellence
PH 402.552.2261


Event Name Location Date
Pandemic Awareness Howard Hall and Zoom 10/29/2020
National Native American Heritage Month Zoom Only 11/12/2020
Book Club On Campus and Zoom Fall semester
Random Acts of Kindness On Campus and Through Email Feb. 14-21, 2021
Cultural Café On Campus Only 3/25/2021
Book Club On Campus and Zoom Spring semester