About myCB

myCB is a secure, online platform that allows you to order a background check, drug test if required by your program and set-up your medical document manager. Once you have placed your order at mycb.castlebranch.com, you will use your login information to access your myCB account to upload and maintain requirements.

Order summary shows what is being purchased with the program code:

Account Creation/Background Check
Personal information is required. In addition to entering your full name and date of birth, you will be asked for your social security number, current address, phone number and e-mail address (use your Clarkson College e-mail). This information will be used to complete your background check (if required by program).

Drug Test
After you place your order (if required by your program), you will receive an email within 24–48 hours containing your electronic chain of custody (echain) form, which you will need to print out and take with you to the lab to complete your drug test. The eChain is proof of payment and an order form. The subject line of the e-mail will read: “Form Fox” and the form will identify a Quest Diagnositcs or LabCorp lab to complete your drug test. For all questions regarding the drug test, please contact CastleBranch at 1.888.914.7279. Drug Test lab locations will be selected by the zip code entered when you place your order. 

Medical Document Manager
After your order is placed and your myCB account is created, your health and safety requirements (To-Do-List) will then prompt you to upload requirements with specific documentation for immunizations, certification and or licensure set by your academic program. 

Payment Information
At the end of the online order process, you will be prompted to enter your Visa or Mastercard information.

Background Check and Drug Test Results

The results of your background check and drug test will be posted directly to your myCB account. You will be notified if there is any missing information needed in order to process your order. Although 95 percent of background check results are completed within three to five business days, some results may take longer. Your order will show as “In Process” until it has been completed in its entirety.

Additional Information

How to upload see instructions

For further information about myCB, you may contact Clinical Compliance at 402.559.1362 or 402.552.6206 or at Compliance@clarksoncollege.edu.