myCB Student Instructions

Students will need to create a CastleBranch (myCB) account for their health and safety requirements with their appropriate program package code.  Each program has their specific package code.  Requirements are aligned with their respective academic program. The requirements then are completed by the student in their account Program Requirements Tracker (may be referred to as Document Manager or To-do List).

Health and safety requirements are subject to immediate change in order to maintain compliance with state and federal requirements.

Program Codes

Program codes will be emailed to students on or before registration.  

International Students

If the student is an international student, and is required to complete a Background Check, they will need to call CastleBranch to request the cost of the background check as prices vary by country.


The student is responsible for all costs.

The Process is All Online

Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are the suggested internet browser for using myCB.  

Setting Up an Account

Students will place an order using their package code at  to register for their new account. If the student has an account already set up from another college/university, they will still need to purchase the specified package for your program. By using the same email as the initial account, this will merge the accounts tracks together.


The deadline for the requirements for students beginning Fall, Spring, Summer are:

  • Fall- September 30
  • Spring – January 30 (except Nurse Anesthesia - the deadline is September 30)
  • Summer – May 30

MyCB Account

There are two sides to the account. 

  • First, the To-Do List - (the College has access to see) this is where the student will upload what the College is asking them to do; and
  • Second, the Document Center - (Student only has access) where everything uploaded automatically saves a copy in their My Documents Clinical Requirements track.
    1. In their Document Center, My Documents they can make other folders to store things; such as, class work or say they want to go on academic travel they could make a folder and keep a copy of their passport there. The site is secure and available as long they have internet access.
    2. Another feature in the Document Center is the Share Documents.  Students can share requirements or documents securely by following the process – choose who gets access, select what to share, and for how long. This is useful, if their clinical site would like a copy of any of their documentation.

Drug Test

If the program package requires a drug test, about 48 hours after registration of your myCB account, the student will receive an email.  The email will contain an attachment (Drug Test Authorization Form from Form Fox).  They will need to print out/or show this attached form from your electronic device (it should have a barcode or QR code at the top right). The drug testing lab location will be based on the zip code the student has entered and CastleBranch will find a Quest Diagnostics lab in that area.  If the student has questions about the lab, they should call CastleBranch. The authorization form is proof of payment and also an order form.  Students do not pay the lab as this was included in their package price.  Once the drug testing is completed the barcode then links the results report back to their account and the student is not required to upload anything. If any alerts are reported on the Drug Test an email is sent to the Clinical Education Compliance Coordinators and they will notify the appropriate Program Director/Designee of alert. 

Mobile App

If you download the device app, after opening your myCB account, you will first be asked to enter in your email address (College email) and password (they created). From there you will be prompted to enter a 4-digit PIN number (you create). Then when using the app, you only need to enter the PIN number. Also, when using the app function to upload your documentation it will prompt the you to take a photo. When taking a photo, be sure to not crop out information on the documentation. Student needs to take a photo of the full document (i.e., the full 8 1/2 x 11 paper) and check to see if the image is clear before accepting the photo. Next, it will prompt you to either "use the photo" or "retake photo". If you select use, it will attach the image and then prompt you to SUBMIT. When clicking on SUBMIT this is sending the attachment(s)-the upload. If you need to take a photo of the front and back of a document, you will repeat the photo taking steps to add both attachments before clicking on SUBMIT. Once the SUBMIT button is selected it is sent to Review.

To-Do List Requirement Notes

  1. If a Background Check is required, The Nebraska Child/Adult Abuse and Neglect Central Registry for Nebraska (NE DHHS) will also be required. The instructions are provided in this requirement and completed thru the NE DHHS portal.
  2. HIPAA and Bloodborne Pathogen and Airborne Pathogen Training. This is a course in Canvas Catalog. After completing the course a certificate of completion will generate. The certificate(s) can be saved and used to uploaded into your myCB.
  3. Immunizations:
    1. If the student is employed and have an employee health office, please request a print out of your immunizations to have your current information to upload into your account
    2. Influenza, this is not due until November 30th.  No need to upload anything until then. For students on campus, we will have a campus-wide free clinics usually held the first week of November.
    3. If all of their immunization information is on one page you will upload the same document to each requirement respectively (photo or scanned document).
  4. BLS certification must be the Basic Life Support for the Health Care Provider course from the American Heart Association! No other certification is accepted (No Red Cross, National Safety Council, etc.).
  5. If a physical examination is required. There is a form to download and print from your account for your provider to complete. The exam is essentially like a sport physical.  If a student needs any immunizations, please have this done during your visit with your provider to avoid additional visits and copays.


UPLOAD – Attached documentation submitted in your myCB account by fax, scan, or photo. Extra Reminder:  If uploading from a computer desktop/ laptop be sure to use only Firefox or Chrome as your internet browser!  

PENDING REVIEW - Submitted documentation is sent to the que of the Reviewers at CastleBranch. The Reviewers have been sent a list of the College requirements and if the documentation does not meet the criteria it will cause it to be rejected. If rejected, you will then receive an email (this is the importance of the College email) with the reason why and need to resubmit what is required. If it is accepted, your account To-Do List will then show Complete (in green). During the review if the requirement is recurring (i.e., TB is an annual requirement) the student account is then set with the renewal date and you will receive an email at 60-days, 30-days, and then at 21-day open the prompt to add their new documentation for the requirement to maintain your account. Review may take up to a couple of days and can fluctuate during holidays or inclement weather as CastleBranch is located in North Carolina.

ONBOARDING – Any agency specific requirement(s), such as:  Orientation Checklist, EPIC training, Mandatory Reporter Training, specific timed drug testing, etc.

Deadline Concerns

If the student has concerns on deadlines, they should contact their Program Director and/or Advisor to discuss alternatives.

After You Graduate

Last, when the student graduates or leaves the College they can update their myCB account to their personal email.  Their Clinical Requirements (To-Do List) will be archived.  Their information will be theirs for life in their Document Center.   

Questions regarding CastleBranch may be directed to the Clinical Education Compliance Coordinators at 402.552.6206, 402.552.6285 or