OneLogin - Frequently Asked Questions

OneLogin provides a cloud-based identity and access management (IAM) solution that offers simple single sign-on (SSO), making it easier for Clarkson College to secure and manage access to web applications. OneLogin lets you sign in once and get access to all of your cloud applications without having to sign into them separately.

Where do I start?

Login Screen

Go to  in your favorite browser and enter your email address and password.  (Or  -> Current Students -> OneLogin)

App Home Page - OneLogin

In the OneLogin portal ("App Home"), you'll see the apps that have been assigned to you. For more information, see Using the OneLogin End-User Portal.

Click any app to launch it. For many apps, IT has set your app username and password for you -- if so, the app will just open. But if the app requires you to provide your username and password, a dialog will open the first time you try to launch your app, asking you for your username and password. Enter them once, and you'll never have to type them again, unless you want to change them.

What username do I use for OneLogin?

Your username is your Clarkson College email address.

What password do I use for OneLogin?

Your password is your Clarkson College email password. 

How do I set my security questions?

When you click on an application for the first time, you will be prompted to enter your security questions: 

Security Questions

When finished, click on the Clarkson College logo in the upper left-hand part of the toolbar to return to the app home page.


I forgot my password: what do I do?

Click FORGOT PASSWORD on the OneLogin login page and follow the prompts. You will be asked to answer security questions. Once you answer the security questions on the OneLogin reset password dialog, you'll be able to reset your password.

I got locked out of OneLogin: what do I do?

You can simply use the FORGOT PASSWORD process, as described above.

If this fails to work, contact the Clarkson College IT Help Desk at 402.552.3911.

How do I change my password?

Log into OneLogin, go the  User Login User menu and select Profile. On the Profile page, click Change Password.

You can also click FORGOT PASSWORD on the OneLogin login page.

Why am I allowed to configure my login and password for some apps and not others?

Some apps are configured so that IT defines your login credentials, some are configured so that your OneLogin credentials are automatically used as your app credentials, and others are configured so that you can define your own login credentials. You'll know which credentials you can configure yourself by clicking the  Edit Button Edit button on the OneLogin portal (App Home). The apps that don't let you update your login and password are grayed-out. The ones you can update are displayed normally. Click any of these app icons to edit your login credentials.

Personal Apps always let you update your login and password. In fact, IT can't even see your personal apps.

I reset my OneLogin password, and now I can't access email from my smartphone.

Your OneLogin password is used to access your email account.  The email password is therefore updated automatically when you reset your OneLogin password. Your smartphone's native email client (your iPhone "Mail" app, for example) doesn't know about the changed password, however. You'll have to use your phone's native email setup screen to update the password to the same one you're using for OneLogin.

What are OneLogin browser extensions, and why do I have to download one?

Some apps require a OneLogin browser extension (or plug-in) to log you in. The first time you log into such an app, OneLogin prompts you to download the browser extension. Just follow the link in the message. You can also download it from:

There are extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer.

Make sure to turn off pop-up blockers for OneLogin, or the browser extension will not download.

How do I access cloud apps through OneLogin on my phone or tablet?

The OneLogin Mobile app lets you access all of your OneLogin-managed cloud apps with just a four-digit PIN or touchID. On your phone or tablet, go to the iOS App Store, Google Play App Store, or Windows Phone Store. Search for and install OneLogin Mobile. The first time you launch it, you'll be prompted for your OneLogin login and password and asked to create your four-digit PIN or authorize touchID. For more information, see OneLogin Mobile.

You may also use individual apps for your applications.  Apps like OneDrive will work individually on your mobile device by signing in with your OneLogin credentials.

What happens if I try to log into an app directly from my browser?

It can be convenient to start your day in the OneLogin portal and open your apps from there. But you can also open an app directly from your browser. If you've already logged into OneLogin and your OneLogin session hasn't timed out, the app will open without asking you for your login and password.  If you haven't logged into OneLogin--or your OneLogin session has timed out--the browser will redirect you to the OneLogin login page.  Just enter your OneLogin credentials to open your app.