Supplemental Instruction

The goal of Supplemental Instruction (SI) is to improve student success in courses that have proven to be more challenging than others. By attending weekly review sessions led by student peers (SI Leaders) who successfully completed the courses, you can enhance your learning strategies and study skills, as well as improve your grades and overall understanding of course material.

SI Sessions are informal, welcoming and hands-on. They are a place in which students discuss readings, talk through difficult content, prepare for exams and develop tools for effective time management.

Courses offering SI vary from semester to semester and are open to all students enrolled in those courses—free of charge. SI is completely voluntary and confidential.

Reasons to Attend

  • Improve test-taking strategies and study skills.
  • Connect with other classmates who are studying the same material as you.
  • Collaborate with classmates and discuss important concepts.
  • Complete hands on activities that increase your preparedness for exams.
  • Learn and improve your study techniques and time management skills.

What is a SI Leader?

SI Leaders have walked in the students’ shoes. They’ve been successful in the course and are trained to help other students succeed. SI Leaders know the course content and are available to help other students through it. What they won’t do is lecture. Their job is to help you put information together from your lectures and reading material to help you better understand the concepts. SI sessions are hands-on and filled with collaboration and working together. The SI Leader is there to work through it with you.


SI Leader Responsibilities

  • Work approximately 10 hours per week.
  • Assist students with course content and academic development.
  • Attend class lectures as much as possible. By attending lecture, you will know what the instructor expects from the students while building student rapport.
  • Plan and facilitate weekly review sessions that take place outside of class.
  • Promote the SI sessions to the class. Continuous promotion is essential to increase student attendance in the SI sessions.
  • Help students refine learning skills such as note taking, test preparation, problem solving, organization, and group studying.
  • Maintain attendance records and submit required paperwork.
  • Develop and maintain working partnership with instructor.
  • Attend pre-semester and on-going SI Leader training.
  • Attend SI Leader group meetings and one-on-one SI Supervisor meetings.
  • SI Leaders receive a scholarship each semester they are a SI Leader.

How to Become a SI Leader

SI Leader applications are available each semester, approximately mid-term. In order to receive an application, students must have a faculty nomination. For more information on the application process and how to receive a faculty nomination, please contact Neil Lulla, Coordinator of Student Success, at 402.552.3946 or LullaNeil@clarksoncollege.edu.

SI Leaders & Schedule

Each SI session listed below has its own Canvas course that all students enrolled in the course will have access to. SI Leaders will announce the SI session schedule in class and via Canvas.

Cassidy Hobbie
NS 125: Foundational Skills
Kimberly Harpole-Hutchinson
BI 210: Microbiology
Gracie Kliegl
NS 227: Pathophysiology
BI 211: Human Anatomy
Adriana Alvarado-Silva
BI 213: Human Physiology
Nadin Lolas
NS 233: Assessment & Care of Adults
Caitlynn Rasco
CH 110: General Chemistry
Amanda Hecker
NS 235: Pharmacology I
Stephen Spanel
PTA 115: Therapeutic Exercise I
Molly Byers
NS 254: Managing Care of Adults
Katelyn Carlson
PTA 215: Therapeutic Exercise II
Amber Dworshak
NS 340: Behavioral Health
Heidi Lierz
RT 110: Radiographic Procedures I
Jaci Teahon
NS 342: OB
NS 344: Pediatrics
NS 468: Concepts of Multisystem Clients


Please contact Neil Lulla, Coordinator of Student Success, at LullaNeil@clarksoncollege.edu and/or 402.552.3946 for any questions regarding Supplemental Instruction.