The Writing Lab assists Clarkson College students with all levels of writing. Students receive tutoring from peers who provide direction at every stage of the writing process, including beginning a paper, writing a thesis, organizing ideas, using APA style or simply getting feedback from a second pair of eyes.

What to Expect

Tutoring sessions are typically 45 minutes. Tutors provide constructive feedback and suggestions for how to revise your writing. As follow up, the tutor will ask your permission to send a brief note to your instructor discussing your tutorial.

What to Bring

Bring a copy of your assignment, the rubric and/or the class syllabus. If this is a second draft, bring in the first draft with the instructor's comments.

Come prepared with specific questions and goals in mind.

Make an Appointment

To make an appointment, schedule a time to meet with a consultant. View step-by-step instructions

Schedule your appointment several days before your paper is due to ensure a tutor is available and to allow time for revisions.

APA Style & Writing Tips

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Paper writing tips
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7th Edition APA Frequently Asked Questions
7th Edition APA In-Text Citations
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