Violation Procedures

Academic Integrity Violation Procedure

Incidents of academic dishonesty will not be tolerated and students suspected of such conduct are subject to disciplinary measures as outlined below. Faculty and students involved in the academic integrity issue will be held to the strictest guidelines of confidentiality in all matters pertaining to the issue.

Step 1: The faculty member notifies their program director (or designee) of the alleged academic integrity issue. The faculty member must complete the Academic Integrity Conference form. The burden of proof rests with the faculty. All supporting documentation must be attached to the form.

Step 2: Faculty contacts the student regarding the alleged violation to the Academic Integrity policy and schedules a meeting with the student to take place within five business (not including holidays and/or semester breaks) days of the occurrence. The faculty advises student to bring all supporting evidence to the meeting with the faculty.

Step 3: Faculty discusses the issue with the student, and the student completes and returns Part II of the form to faculty within one business day of the meeting, attaching any additional evidence as needed.

Step 4: At the meeting, the faculty member documents what disciplinary actions will be taken. Disciplinary action will be at the discretion of the faculty. Faculty informs student of their right to due process.*

Step 5: The office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs (VPAA) will maintain a record of student violations to the Academic Integrity policy and make appropriate sanctions to students who are found to be in repeated violation of the Academic Integrity policy. In addition, the VPAA will review and track issues of academic integrity, and report data and trends of academic integrity to the college community.

Step 6: The faculty will refrain from assigning a final course grade for the student until the academic integrity issue is resolved. If the course concludes before resolution, the faculty will assign a grade of incomplete with an indication of "pending academic integrity review."

*If Academic Integrity violations occur within one week of graduation, the VPAA will design an appropriate due process timeline.