Onboarding & Clinical Placement

Student must complete APP Student Clinical Placement Agreement and submit request rzimmerman@nebraskamed.com

Application start and end dates for each semester.

Semester Application Start Application Deadline
Spring Sept. 1 Oct. 1
Summer Jan. 1 Feb. 1
Fall April 1 May 1

APP Student Clinical Placement Agreement
APP Student Clinical Placement Process


New online process for student placement can be accessed here:

Will be activated 30 days prior to each deadline. No old forms will be accepted.

For EPIC training information, please contact Dr. Layna Himmelberg at Himmelberg@clarksoncollege.edu or 402.552.2776.

Application Deadline & Process

Masters Of Nursing And Doctoral Nursing Program Applicants

For experiences with a provider at Children’s Hospital & Medical Center in the hospital, Children’s Specialty Pediatric Center (SPC), or Children’s Physicians clinic, preceptors will be provided as they are available. Student must apply online.


Applications for 2021 are due October 1, 2020

All fields in the application must be completed. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Applications received after October 1, 2020 will not be considered except in special circumstances.

Notification Of Acceptance

Applicants will be approved based on preceptor resources and availability. Notifications of acceptance will be sent within a few weeks after the deadline.

To check on the status of your application, please email:



  1. Once your advisor receives your Step 1, the advisor will send your name to CHI to begin the onboarding application process.
  2. Email your advisor with the following information:
    • Your name and program (example: FNP):
    • Your email address:
    • Your preceptor’s name:
    • The CHI clinical location (name of facility & address):
  3. You will receive an email in your College email from CHI HR, but be aware this may land in your junk mail account depending on your computer settings.
  4. Please ensure all Health and Safety items are updated in your CastleBranch (myCB) account.
  5. Any student requesting a CHI agency in IA must complete the IA SING. This is an Iowa background check and adult and child abuse registry check.at the cost of $15. The advisor will place the students name on the IA SING roster and email the Compliance Office that this was added.  
  6. The Compliance Office will email the student an IA SING waiver form via DocuSign to complete and notify Student Financial Services for billing your student account.
  7. You will follow the instructions in the CHI HR email which will ask for your demographic information and the name of your representative.
    • The Name of the representative at your employer we can contact will be: Clarkson (first name), College (last name).
    • Email address of representative at your employer: Compliance@clarksoncollege.edu
    • This information is need so that the Compliance Office receives the attestation for you.
  8. You will need to allow at least 30 minutes to complete the application process.
    1. The General Orientation and Confidentiality Agreement modules are required for all. At the end of the modules there is a certificate of completion, which you must save to added to your myCB (instructions below).
    2. The Mandatory Reporter module is required for those going to an Iowa facility. If required, at the end of the training you will need to pass the quiz and you must save a copy to added to your myCB.
    3. The CHI link below will be included in your email from CHI.  This link needs to accessed ONLY with the Internet Explorer browser - http://www.chihealth.com/frequently-used-links
  9. Your onboarding documentation will be housed in your myCB account with the following steps:
    • You will place an order using your package code(s) below at  https://mycb.castlebranch.com.
      1. Your Program onboarding track code: CS70ob.  The “ob” stands for onboarding.
      2. The cost is $0. Just be sure you use your College email address when ordering so this will sync with your existing account.   
      3. Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are the suggested internet browser for using myCB.  
    • Please contact Compliance@clarksoncollege.edu  if you have trouble opening this account.
  10. After you have submitted your application, the Compliance Office will receive an email to complete your CHI Attestation.
  11. You need to have completed all above requirements for the Attestation be completed. 
  12. After the Attestation is submitted by the Compliance Office they will receive an email that it was successfully submitted to CHI HR.
  13. The Compliance Office will file a copy of the email in the advisors Attestation folder.
  14. The student may obtain passwords at Computer Training or ID number and password will be sent to the advisor.
  15. The advisor will notify CHI when the student is no longer attending CHI facilities.
    • NOTE:  If you will continue at a CHI facility for future rotations, it is strongly encouraged for you login once every 89 days to their system to maintain your computer (AD) login information.  On day 90 your account becomes dormant and you need to call the Help Desk to reactivate. 

Students must submit placement request by appropriate deadline (July 1 - Fall, October 1 - Spring, and March 1 - Summer). Please email MSNAdvising@clarksoncollege.edu with the message subject: Placement request and include the semester and year you are requesting placement. Example: Placement request SP 19

Please include the listed required information needed for your placement request:

Is this request for Sanford OR Avera placement: (choose only one)
Where are you currently employed:
Which are you pursuing: MSN, DNP, Post Masters Certificate
Which semester is this request for (ex: Spring 2019):
Please list the course name for which you are requesting placement (ex: NS 830)
First name, Last name:
Phone number:
Email address:
Anticipated Graduation date (per sequence plan):
Department request (ex: Peds, Family Practice, OB/GYN, etc.):
Days available for clinical: Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun
Shift hours:
Shift: Day, Night, Flexible
Total number of hours requested:
Primary or Specialty hours:
Special requests (any preferred clinical site, preceptor, etc.):

If you are not already registered, go to www.myClinicalExchange.com (myCE). This requires a registration fee of $36.50 annually. This fee will be paid by the student and covers clinical placement at all entities within Avera Health and Sanford Health systems. Students will not be placed without registration.

Students completing rotations with UnityPoint Clinic will learn from our physicians, providers, and clinic staff as they lead the way in a team approach to achieve the best outcome for every patient, every time. We are committed to providing a high-quality experience and exposure to general areas of medicine and patient care as a means to develop knowledge and professional skill. Based on high demand for student placement, we have a centralized process for rotation requests and registration hosted on the MyClinicalExchange website.

Please review our Student Registration and Placement Guide (PDF) for common questions and helpful tips as you prepare for the request and registration process.