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MSN Student Handbook

Because state licensure requirements vary by state, Clarkson College is unable to ascertain clinical, practicum, and licensure requirements in every state. The student is responsible to be aware and abide by licensure requirements in the state(s) in which the student chooses to obtain licensure and employment. If you have questions please contact Graduate Nursing Advisors.

Clinical/Practicum Information

DocuSign Student Process
Step 1- Preceptor and Clinical Site Intent Form
My Clinical Exchange
Typhon Group
Onboarding & Clinical Placement
NP Preceptors Guidelines
Nurse Practitioner Clinical Rotation Information

  1. Open your account at
  2. Open your Document Center
  3. Click on Share Documents and follow the steps.
    1. You can grant access for one day to the full rotation or longer if needed for just one requirement or all of your items too.
    2. You can choose more than one recipient if needed.
  4. Let me know if you have any questions.

College Resources

Tuition & Financial Aid
Online Campus
Writing Lab
Health & Safety
My Path - First Year Guide

Advisor Contact Information

Brianna Simmons
Graduate Program Advisor
PH 402.552.7225

Megan Lane
Graduate Program Advisor
PH 402.552.6214