Clinical Education Program Overview

Clinical Education Program

The Clarkson College PTA program offers a well-structured academic curriculum and 15 weeks/600 hours of hands-on clinical practicum experience. The clinical education program facilitates student learning to assist patients of all ages and with various movement disorders as they become independent in their day-to-day functions. Students will be supervised by a licensed physical therapist and/or physical therapist assistant who is under the direction and supervision of a supervising physical therapist. Because every patient/client has a unique set of circumstances, students will utilize the critical thinking skills they learn to create personalized rehabilitation plans that include various physical therapy interventions and activities to help patients reach their goals.

Students complete four clinical practicums throughout the duration of the program. See the table below for curriculum placement of each practicum for the traditional and transfer PTA program options:

Clinical Practicum Week/Hours Traditional PTA Program Transfer PTA Program
II- PTA 220 3 weeks /120 hours Spring Semester- 2 nd year Summer Semester-1 st year
III- PTA 241* 6 weeks /240 hours Summer Semester -2 nd year Fall Semester-2 nd year
IV- PTA 246* 6 weeks /240 hours Summer Semester- 2 nd year Fall Semester -2 nd  year

*Students complete the final two clinical practicums back-to-back, prior to graduation for each program.


PTA Program Options

PTA Program Director
Mrs. Jessica Niemann, PTA, MEd
Program Director
PH 402.552.2868

Director of Clinical Education (DCE)
Mrs. Greta Schoneman, BS PTA, CLT
PH 4402.552.3325