Program Specific Competency Goals

Upon completion of the Associate of Science degree in Radiography, graduates will:

Have entry-level radiography skills. (Technology)**

  • Students will utilize radiation protection.
  • Students will select proper technical factors.
  • Students will provide appropriate patient care.

Communicate effectively.  (Communication)**

  • Students will use effective oral communication skills.
  • Students will use effective written communication skills.

Use critical thinking skills.  (Critical Thinking)**

  • Students will determine corrective measures for suboptimal image quality.
  • Students will use problem solving skills to customize exams to fit the needs of the patient.

Demonstrate professionalism.  (Professional Behavior)**

  • Students will display professional patient relations.
  • Students will evaluate the importance of professional growth.

Will care for patients in a manner that shows respect for cultural differences.  (Diversity)**

  • Students will exhibit diversity awareness.
  • Students will show respect for a diverse population.

**Categories denoted in the parentheses represent relationship to the Clarkson College student success skills, which are our institutional student learning outcomes, and include Communication, Technology, Critical Thinking, Diversity, and Professionalism. 

Performance Outcomes

  2019-2020 2020-2021 2021-2022
First-Time Board Pass Rate 93% 90% 85%
Overall Board Pass Rate 97% 95% 95%
National Average Board Pass Rate 89% 88% 83.8%
Graduation Rate 97% 72% 88%
Job Placement/Employment Rate* 100% 100% 100%

* Employment rates taken from returned graduate surveys, employer surveys, and Radiography graduates report to program individually.

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