Late Payments Fees

Upon registering for classes, you will become financially responsible for all tuition, fees and, if applicable, housing charges. Student account balances must be paid in full or an installed plan must be completed through the Transact Payment account through MyCC. This must be complete the day before the tuition due date. It is your responsibility to make appropriate payment arrangements and payments on time. Failure to comply with this payment policy may result in assessment of up to four late payment fees per semester to the student’s account and/or the student being withdrawn or dropped from classes.

Payments made past the term’s tuition and fees due date are subject to late fees as listed below as well as a business office hold or stop. Business Office Holds will prevent students from registering for upcoming semesters and/or receiving transcripts and diplomas. Once a stop has been applied, certain payment methods are subject to longer holds to ensure funds have cleared. Check payments and ACH (electronic check) payments are subject to an extension of up to 15 business days before the hold can be removed. For holds to be removed as soon as possible, please make your payment with cash, money order, or credit card. Credit Card and ACH (electronic check) payments can be made through the Student’s Self Service, Transact account. Cash, check, and money order payments can be made either in person at the Student Accounts office or by mail. 

Fees for Unpaid Balances

Unpaid balances will receive a $35.00 Late Payment Fee each month (up to 4 months).