Clarkson Service League Heritage Garden

Each year, members of the Clarkson College community gather in the Courtyard in commemoration of the Heritage Garden Walk.  This event provides alumni, employees and students the opportunity to create a memorial for a loved one through the purchase of an engraved brick or amphitheater seat in the Clarkson Service League Heritage Garden.  The funds received through this unique giving opportunity are applied to the Alumni Endowed Scholarship Fund as a means to help pave the way for deserving Clarkson College students.

Brick Selection & Information
Small Brick (4.5" x 4.5"):
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Medium Brick (4.5" x 7"):
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Large Brick (7" x 10"):
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Bronze Plaque (8" x 18"):
Call Alumni Office for Price, (402) 552-2685

Amphitheater Seat:
Call Alumni Office for Price, (402) 552-2685

heritage garden walkway

For more information about purchasing and dedicating a brick, plaque or amphitheater seat, contact the Alumni and Advancement Coordinator, Ale Denton, at 402.552.2685 or fill out the online order form.