Although you may not currently be pursuing a degree at Clarkson College, you still have the opportunity to be a part of our success. By joining the Alumni Association of Clarkson College, your membership assists in providing scholarships for students, sponsoring alumni events and more.

Join or Renew: Annual Membership

Become a member for $25 a year. Memberships are from June 1 through May 31.
Consider purchasing a membership for a classmate.

Membership Discount

  • Alumni who graduated 50 years ago or more receive the “Nifty Fifty” free membership.
  • All Clarkson College graduates receive a one-year free membership immediately following graduation.

Membership Benefits

An Alumni Association of Clarkson College membership pays for itself when you take advantage of member discounts and services.

  • Receive free quarterly issues of the Alumni Times.
  • Opportunity to explore countries overseas (along with your favorite travel companion) through Academic Travel Abroad.
  • Receive discounts to Continuing Education Events.