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Onboarding & Clinical Placement

This is a list of the most frequently used sites (Nebraska, Iowa, & South Dakota). If you need clarification on any of these items or have questions about a different site please reach out to your advisor.

All students that are placed with Nebraska Medicine will need EPIC training.

For EPIC training information, please contact Dr. Layna Himmelberg at or 402.552.2776.

Students seeking placement with an NP or PA through Nebraska Medicine must complete the placement application. The online process for student placement can be accessed here:

Applications will be activated 30 days prior to each deadline. No old forms will be accepted.

Application start and end dates for each semester.

Semester Application Start Application Deadline
Spring Sept. 1 Oct. 1
Summer Jan. 1 Feb. 1
Fall April 1 May 1

APP Student Clinical Placement Agreement
APP Student Clinical Placement Process


Students seeking placement with an M.D. or D.O. must communicate placement with the individual physician’s student placement coordinator.

Students completing rotations with CHI will use the centralized placement process for rotation requests through the MyClinicalExchange website, linked here:

Please use the following steps to submit a request:

  1. Create an account with MyCE, using your Clarkson College student email address.
  2. This requires a registration fee of $36.50 annually. This fee will be paid by the student and covers clinical placement at all entities within CHI systems. Students will not be placed without registration in MyCE. Please do not reach out to providers directly.
  3. CHI will prioritize their employees, students will need to indicate if they are employed with CHI.
  4. Student should put as their Coordinator. If student already has confirmation from a preceptor, student will need to indicate this in the comments section.
  5. CHI Placement Coordinator will assign clinical placements within MyCE, sending a message to the student and CHI Onboarding Coordinator with placement details. At this time, the CHI Onboarding Coordinator will send onboarding/Epic training information to the student. All onboarding forms will be held within MyCE in “Documents” tab.
  6. Student must also submit DocuSign found here: Nurse Practitioner- Clinical/Practicum Site & Preceptor Agreement Form

Students must submit placement request by appropriate deadline (July 1 - Fall, October 1 - Spring, and March 1 - Summer). Please email with the message subject: Placement request and include the semester and year you are requesting placement. Example: Placement request SP 19

Please include the listed required information needed for your placement request:

Is this request for Sanford OR Avera placement: (choose only one)
Where are you currently employed:
Which are you pursuing: MSN, DNP, Post Masters Certificate
Which semester is this request for (ex: Spring 2019):
Please list the course name for which you are requesting placement (ex: NS 830)
First name, Last name:
Phone number:
Email address:
Anticipated Graduation date (per sequence plan):
Department request (ex: Peds, Family Practice, OB/GYN, etc.):
Days available for clinical: Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun
Shift hours:
Shift: Day, Night, Flexible
Total number of hours requested:
Primary or Specialty hours:
Special requests (any preferred clinical site, preceptor, etc.):

If you are not already registered, go to (myCE). This requires a registration fee of $36.50 annually. This fee will be paid by the student and covers clinical placement at all entities within Avera Health and Sanford Health systems. Students will not be placed without registration.

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