Student Parking

Visitor Parking

The parking spots identified for Clarkson College visitors are for visitors only. All other cars parked in these spots are subject to being ticketed or towed at the owner's expense. Visitor parking stalls are marked in green on the College campus map.

Student Parking

Students are required to park in designated student lots. Lots 11SH and 12SH are designated for students living in the Residence Hall. If the assigned residential student areas are full, residents should overflow to the assigned commuter student parking areas.

Commuter students are required to park in all of lots 33S, 43S, 48S, 52S, 54S, 15S, 65S, 25S and 49S..

The Nebraska Medical Center campus parking map lists all of the parking lots on The Nebraska Medical Center campus. View the Clarkson College campus map for a closer view of the designated parking lots near the College.

How to Obtain a Parking Permit

Student parking permits are issued on a fee-paid basis of $18 per month through The Nebraska Medical Center. To obtain a parking permit, visit the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) Parking Services office at 4230 Leavenworth Street. The Parking Services office is located on the third floor of the 4230 Building.

Your Clarkson College student ID badge or class schedule and valid ID are required to obtain a parking sticker. Parking stickers are valid from the fall term through the summer term. Monthly stickers are also available. Stickers must be on vehicles by the first day of the term. Violations of the rules can result in a ticket or the car being towed at the owner's expense.

A copy of the parking rules and regulations will be provided to you when you purchase your parking sticker.

How to Appeal a Parking Citation

Students have the opportunity to appeal a parking citation by filing a written appeal with the UNMC Parking Services. Appeals must be received in writing within 14 calendar days from the date appearing on the citation. Appeals submitted after that time will not be considered. Completed appeal forms may be faxed or mailed to UNMC Parking Services. Download a parking citation appeal form.


UNMC Parking Services
UNMC Student Life Center, room 2002
40th and Jones Streets
PH 402.559.8580    FX 402.559.3500

Hours of Operation
Monday–Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. CST